Arc Flash Study

What Is Arc Flash Study

An Arc Flash is a situation in your electrical system that causes an unwanted and unexpected release of huge energy along with light (flash). This incident might causes great damage to your equipment and brutally injures your employees.

Causes of Arc Flash

Whenever an insulating medium is no longer adequate to restrain the flow of electrons between conductors the air between the conductors ionizes causing arc. This arc fault releases huge amount of energy along with pressure waves into the surrounding environment. This energy can devastate both worker and equipment.


As per OSHA and NFPA 70E safety standards, employee safety while working is utmost important for an organization. Employer shall ensure that every person exposed to Electric Arcs at work shall not wear clothing that could increase injury when exposed to these Arcs. NFPA-70E and its revision A2012 says employee should implement and document overall Electrical Safety program that directs activity appropriate for the voltage and energy levels. From Safety point of view, Electrical Safety audit need to be conducted duly and should be revived for every 3 years.

arc flash study arc flash study