We provide an expertise Arc Flash Study consultancy or service globally in analyzing the system as per NFPA-70E and IEEE-1584 for arc flash hazard levels and comply with the international standards. Arc Flash Analysis or Arc flash or electrical hazard analysis is conducted at your facility by our expert team as per the OSHA, NFPA 70E 2015, IEEE 1584 and NEC 2014 standards. Our turnkey solutions for Arc flash analysis service include data collection from the plant, modeling of the plant in SKM software, performing Short Circuit studies as per ANSI/IEC studies, protection analysis, calculation of incident energy values at each and every bus and creation of the arc flash warning labels and work permits as per NFPA 70E standards, arc flash training, arc flash warning labels pasting, arc flash approach boundaries marking with detailed arc flash report. Our detailed arc flash study report also recommends the arc flash personnel protective equipment (Arc flash PPE) to worn by the working personnel with respect to the incident energy calculated in the system. The report also includes the arc flash boundary details and their ranges for various people.

Our arc flash hazard analysis services enabled many prestigious clients to ensure their operations smoothly and safely. We helped our clients from what is arc flash analysis? to complete understating of how to calculate arc flash energy or incident energy and implement the arc flash safety PPE and boundaries. We made proudly to stand as one among the Top 5 Arc Flash Risk Assessment Consultants globally today. Our journey of a decade in providing flash analysis has enabled the customers from understanding definition of arc flash to calculating the arc flash boundaries and train their working personnel on what is arc flash study and what is the danger of arc flash if not taken proper care.